Our Values



The word 'Gospel' simply means 'Good News', and it's how we describe what God has done for the world through His son Jesus Christ. Jesus came into our broken world to put right all that is wrong with it. He does this by saving men and women from their sin through His life, death and resurrection. It is then through faith in Jesus that we are brought into a right relationship with God.

To be a gospel church, then, means having this joyous, life-changing news at the heart of everything we do. It shows us our identity, is central to our meetings and when you receive news this good you want to share it! 


Community is something we have all been created for. The gospel creates a new community of varied people with a corporate identity and a common vision. The church is not a religious institution or a loose collection of spiritually-minded individuals. Instead, it is a family of people on mission in Jesus - together. 

At Emmanuel we want not only to speak the gospel but live it through service, hospitality and deeds of love and kindness. Together we want to strive to love and serve one another and Epsom and Ewell as the community of the church.

So at Emmanuel we reach out together, we share our lives as individuals, families and friends. We take seriously our mandate to love one another, bear one another’s burdens as we seek to be a community...where grace is seen.




At Emmanuel we are committed to the people of Epsom. We don’t want to be a Christian sub-culture, we want to share in what people enjoy, to engage in what people care about, and contribute to the life of this area.

Jesus came so that all people, places and things then and now could be restored to a right relationship with God. In the same way, he now sends his church, a community of broken people empowered by his Spirit, to proclaim the message of his gospel. Believing the gospel propels us outward on mission and changes our attitude to the world.

So the church is a sent church, on mission locally and globally, called to engage and yet be distinct.