Who is Jesus?

For a man who lived in a small country town 2000 years ago and was in the public eye for only 3 years, Jesus of Nazareth has had an unparalleled impact on our world. Most of the globe even divides its history around the (approximate) year of his birth.

So who was this man? The startling and unique claim of the Christian faith is that Jesus was (and is) fully God and fully man. Why do we believe Jesus was "fully God"? There are many reasons but the most telling is that Jesus came back from the dead and appeared to many witnesses. He had a glorious new body. He was recognisable yet different.

Jesus' resurrection so empowered his followers that they literally risked everything to tell everyone the good news. Many were killed for their faith in "the risen saviour". The same is true today; around the world thousands of Christians suffer extreme persecution and even death.

So what will you make of this